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 Welcome to Poweroid

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Our reputation for great PC prices is legendary. Millions also come here for good honest advice. We've decided to merge the two and lead you to some of the best deals and cheapest computer bargains on the internet. Congratulations on finding us and thank you for visiting. Please feel free to browse the wealth of information, the free online support, the performance tips, and other articles on this site. If you like what you see, please bookmark us. 



It's not just about selling computers

Unlike most computer sites you'll find that this one has lots of content, lots of useful information. We believe it's not just about selling you a PC, it's about providing the right advice, the right product, and the best after sales care in the industry.

We see our continued growth as a  tremendous vote of confidence in our products, our principles, and our dedication to looking after our customers. Stay with a winning company, choose a Poweroid PC today >>



Get Knoppix Live CD

Get Knoppix Live DVD

Knoppix is a boot utility that allows you to troubleshoot a Windows installation 

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