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   Cheap Laptops, Cheap Laptop, Budget and Low Price Laptops


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Best Price Computers are well known for Power PCs at very affordable prices. However, we have now stopped selling laptops. We apologise if you have been directed here by an older link. But don't go away. If you are looking for a cheap laptop we have some suggestions on how you can get yourself a bargain laptop. There are several sources of low priced laptops:

1. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people who have unwanted gifts or nearly new items that they get rid of at silly prices. Many of them have the latest - or near latest - laptops and laptop accessories such as cheap laptops and bags.

2. Companies also upgrade items like laptops very often and need to get rid of their older ones, some just a few weeks old. Laptops depreciate faster than cars! Get yourself a nearly new laptop, most of them even with a warranty, and save money.

3. Laptop suppliers often have excess stock they need to get rid of, or a fully functional laptop with a minor blemish like a surface scratch on the paintwork. They are usually willing to let these go at a give away price.

4. There are auction sites etc where you can pick up a cheap laptop at a very affordable price. eBay comes to mind, but there are others. QXL shut shop but there's still the preloved site, Craigslist and others.

Simple common sense rules apply when not buying a laptop from an authorised business. Ask to see the original receipt, get copies of the licences for any software installed on the laptop and arrange to meet the seller at their home. Do also take a proper signed receipt complete with the owner's address and phone number.

Updated tips:

1. If you know the make and model number of the laptop you want you can use price comparison sites. Note that with these sites there may be extras such as delivery you'll need to take into account. Further, not all offers from all retailers are equal - some may be bundling free software, extended support, freebies such as laptop bags etc., which skew the value proposal.

2. You could also try searching for laptop coupons to give you an extra few quid off the price.

3. Sometimes making a purchase at the retailer's website rather than over the phone could work out significantly cheaper. In fact, some retailers offer their best deals only on their websites.

4. Have you heard of freecycle? It's a site where people give things away. The snag is only that you have to go pick it up. It's not often that laptops appear on here but it's worth keeping an eye on your local chapter of Freecycle.




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