Computer Without Windows, PC Without Windows, Base Unit Only, CPU only 

 Computer Without Windows, PC Without Windows, Linux PC, Base Unit Only, CPU only

No Windows, Base Unit Only, CPU only
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   Computer Without Windows



   Buying without Windows

Don't want Windows?


We regret we do not install your copy of Windows (or use your licence number to do the installation here). Also, we don't ship PCs with blank hard disks.


  • Windows is a lot cheaper when bought with a PC rather than after receipt of the PC.

  • We do not do illegal installations of Windows.


 I already have Windows and do not wish to pay for it

Microsoft strongly discourages companies like ours from selling "naked" PCs. They even have incentives to "persuade" us to give up the practice, none of which we take! However, because of this pressure we have to make absolutely sure we are legally in the clear. So please don't ask for any exceptions to how we run this "free installation of Windows" offer.


 Not to worry, I'll install Windows myself

We do not ship PCs with blank hard disks. The choices are either provide us  with a number as listed above, or buy a copy. Why?
  1. PCs shipped without Windows installed generally lead to a large number of support calls especially in relation to driver installation. We have no way of screening users for technical competence, and even the more experienced users may not know of the latest issues, support patches, BIOS updates, driver releases etc. 

  2. We would like you to see the PC fully working straight out of the box. If you receive a PC without the operating system fully installed and have a problem with a particular device you won't know whether it's the device that's faulty or the installation of the driver. If we supply the PC with all drivers fully installed you can start using your PC with minimum delay. Smiles all around :-)

Trust the experts. We have the resources and time to keep abreast with the latest drivers and patches. That makes a big difference to the performance of your PC. Your PC will be better for it. 


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 But my copy of Windows is not 100% legal. I do not
 wish to disclose the number to you

We're sorry - no exception here. We do not condone the use of pirated software. Apart from the legal implications, pirated copies of Windows have other risks including damaged files, viruses, lack of support for UK English and numerous others. Also, many of the pirated CDs are non-bootable and lack a full complement of help files. Even if your copy is a genuine copy but registered to someone else, bear in mind that some people believe Microsoft can read the number on your hard disk if you ever visit one of their sites.

For what it costs, we encourage you to do the decent thing. You won't regret having a genuine, up-to-date CD for the operating system that you have on your PC.


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 Is it legal for me to use my existing copy of Windows on
 this new PC?

Ensuring that you stay within Microsoft's "User Agreement" is entirely your responsibility. However, and without accepting any liability for the advice, we understand that:
  1. You cannot use one copy of Windows on more than one PC even if you are the only user of both PCs.

  2. If your copy is an OEM copy (i.e. supplied with the purchase of a new PC) it is not legal to transfer that copy to any other PC even if you are scrapping the original computer.

  3. Copies bought in countries like the US/Canada are not legal for use in the UK.

  4. If your copy is a "retail pack" copy bought off the shelf in the UK you can use that copy on this new PC only if you have already deleted the installation on any other PC you have used that licence on.


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 Where do I find my Windows product ID?

The licence number can be found on the front of the licence certificate/Microsoft Windows manual. For Windows 98 and ME it is a 25 digit mixture of alpha and numeric characters.


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 I wish to use Linux

It may appear that we are great Microsoft's fans but the truth is that demand for Linux hasn't reached critical mass in the UK. As such we do not maintain drivers for Linux and do not offer the option of having Unix/Linux with a PC purchased from us. It would take a lot of resources to maintain Linux driver databases for all the parts we stock + to provide full technical support for a range of versions/installations.  

If you must have Linux/Unix on your PC the only way to do it is to receive the PC with Windows & format the drive. It's a minor inconvenience for a great PC at a great price.



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